The Perfect Tool for Small Big Data Management

My little Big Data is the first of its kind; a unique server for individuals, homes and small businesses. My little Big Data is a Server, it is a PC, it is a storage device, it is an integrated smart Search Engine all-in-one. Offered on Intel platforms, it is the smallest form factor of any full-fledged computer systems sold today. It already contains some great multi-functions, and it promises the future of home and small business centers with many more features to come. But above all, it helps us manage our digital clutter, become organized and stay on top of things while being entertained. It helps us to become smarter by being able to log, collect and control information at our fingertips.

My little Big Data is:

My little Big Data is already a unique solution solving some of today’s problems. This is just the tip of the iceberg. This device (with all its planned future options) will become the central hub for our personal and/or small business digital operations. Many functions will be added as this product evolves with multi-language support for true international adoption, etc. and it will help control both homes and business peripherals. Once, we thought that the home PC would become the hub of our operations. As you are witnessing today, the PC is old hardware, it is simply becoming a workstation at our offices and many of its functions have been taken over by smartphones and is expected to replace it.

For all what the system does, it is packed with a lot of features just previously only available to business customers. Our sharp cost-cutting measures combined with the urge to bring true big data solutions to the world has allowed us to offer these advanced systems at an attractive price.

Many people dismiss the idea of Big Data as a problem or a major concern but, Fortune Magazine recognized this problem by calling it - Bigger Data. Big Data is everywhere, and its impact is affecting all of us in many ways. It affects us as individuals as well as corporations and we all are an integral part of it. Our lives were changed after we started using Internet search engines when the whole theory of getting data from individual web sites and companies into a search engine was thought to be impractical and questionable in the beginning. Today, we would all agree that it is practical and is an everyday part of our lives.

My little Big Data is an affordable solution for your Digital Content problems that seems to be everywhere, even when we are not aware of it. And here is how it is all happening; and why it is so important and critical. It is hard to believe that all of us are creating data which we are not even aware of and receiving it from every source. With such data streams getting larger, we find ourselves lost in it without being aware.

Time is the thief and lack of management makes us fall behind

Those who are organized move ahead. We need a clever way to manage all digital data and cut though the information in an easy way. The practical solution is My little Big Data, which is the first practical, affordable, true home or small business server. It is ourdigital hub, or we can call it Our Digital Swiss Army Knife. A small appliance that packs all our digital essentials into one nice little state of the art economical unit.

It's your Digital All-In-One Swiss Army Knife

Blue Army Knife

Who Can It Help?

It can help Medical Doctors start gathering patient local data effortlessly and search for combinations of disease patterns etc with the aid of graphical files and patient records from other sources etc and it can provide some local intelligence.

It can help Attorneys and Law Offices in locating similar cases and contracts from matching criterion. It can eliminate the mundane filing process and eliminate physical filing cabinets.

Dentists and Hygienists can save time by gathering and dropping x-ray files into My little Big Data and do searches based on short metadata that can be input for each content.

CPAs Accountants and Bookkeepers have a ready source of searchable reference materials at your fingertips without constraints to the type of material that needs to be saved.

Engineers and Programmers can drop programs and drawings while searching from the information that is already inserted as part of the document. No further organization or the need for dreaded documentation is necessary.

Educators and Researchers, organize your files effortlessly without having to maintain folders for quick and timely references all in one location with easy recall. It can be an aid for preparing presentation and tutorial materials with ease.

Students can use My little Big Data as a study aid. It can search from many types of texts such as PDF, epub etc. By searching a word such as “photosynthesis”, My little Big Data can pinpoint all the phrases that the word appears in, and provide a link directly to such pages. All that needs to be done is to click and read and click and read. This eliminates the process of hunting for all pages that describe a certain subject.

Store Managers and Supervisors can move all customer complaints into My little Big Data and not leave the customer case studies attached to store employee emails. Imagine being able to locate all documents pertaining to a single case with ONE fast search. Think of the time saving and the convenience and the effective handling of customer service and savings instantly.

For all our professionals and non-professionals, it is the ideal tool for quick, easy, effortless information management at your finger tips; at homes and work alike.

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