Enterprise Content Mgt. & Search (ECMS™)

ECMS is an easy to operate content management system available under Gensonix® which gives you the power to take control and manage all of your content:

Simply drag-n-drop text, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access DB, image files, analytical files, compressed files, e-mail files, ISO files, wave files, reports, video clips, and all other types of content into the Gensonix ECMS content manager.

For the first time: a data management tool for all of your structured and unstructured content!

Perform long, extended searches or fuzzy searches and find all related documents.

Quickly search for any text embedded within any of your textual documents.

Delete any or all of your content from your PC — get rid of all of your clutter!

All of your documents and other files are stored in a safe, secure, centralized repository

ECMS runs under Gensonix NoSQL DB on a secure server attached to your network. You conveniently drag-and-drop all of your content into the ECMS repository, and then define your meta data.

The Gensonix easy content manager provides security, safety, privacy, central organized storage, extensive search ability, confidentiality, and more!

For big data applications, Gensonix content manager on large servers can manage large numbers of content files.

You may not even need to extract the content from the database before use! Simply play or display your files right from the Gensonix ECMS Server. But if you need a copy of your file, just download it to retrieve it exactly as you had it before. It's that simple!

Once you start using ECMS, you won't want to be without it!

ECMS is the most flexible, cost-effective and simple-to-operate tool for organizing, managing and retrieving your Big Data Contents at all organizational levels. Powerful and comprehensive, yet fun to use. It's highly scalable, so it can start small and grow with your needs.

  1. Simple "drag-n-drop" operation.
  2. Supports fuzzy search locate-ability
  3. Supported on a zero-administration server.
  4. Extended long sentence search capability.
  5. The most user friendly and simple to operate content manager available.
  6. Easy to install, easy to administer, easy to use! You'll love it!

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