Gensonix Enterprise is a Highly Scalable Server Environment that can handle your Big Data requirements, regardless of how big they are!

Built–in functions, intrinsic array processing capabilities, and recursive database sequencing give Gensonix the ability to manage incredibly large numbers of data elements.

Gensonix stores structured or unstructured data in Relational, Hierarchical, Network, and Column formats, and scales to trillions of real-time transactions.

As a true "all-in-one" SQL in the form of an ultra-flexible NoSQL DBMS, Gensonix has nearly limitless potential.

Large Data Warehouse Appliances

The Scientel® LDWA Series is optimized to run GENSONIX Enterprise NoSQL DBMS to provide management and maintenance of SUPERDATABASES which range into TRILLIONS of transaction records.

When bundled with GENSONIX, our LDWAs can support transaction DBs of MULTI–TRILLION records, incorporating several TRILLIONS of data elements organized in column structures, network structures, etc., with real–time query capabilities.

Running on any of our LDWA systems, GENSONIX Enterprise DB can perform the equivalent of a join of BILLIONS of rows with TRILLIONS of transactions!

All of our high-performance, modular rack LDWA Platforms feature massively parallel architecture, can handle millions of transactions per second, scale to multi-terabytes, expand to petabytes of storage, and feature high reliability and high uptime.