Large Data Warehouse Appliances

The Scientel® LDWA Series is optimized to run GENSONIX Enterprise NoSQL DBMS to provide management and maintenance of SUPERDATABASES which range into TRILLIONS of transaction records.

When bundled with GENSONIX, our LDWAs can support transaction DBs of MULTI–TRILLION records, incorporating several TRILLIONS of data elements organized in column structures, network structures, etc., with real–time query capabilities.

Running on any of our LDWA systems, GENSONIX Enterprise DB can perform the equivalent of a join of BILLIONS of rows with TRILLIONS of transactions!

All of our LDWA Platforms share the following features:

  • Achieving Multi–Million Transactions per second
  • Scales to very large # of compute nodes and CPU cores, e.g. 1000s
  • Multi–terabyte+ scalability
  • High Uptime
  • High reliability
  • Expandable to multi–Petabytes of storage
  • High–performance, massively–parallel architecture
  • Modular rack configuration

LDWA 1100

Entry Level System

  • 11 nodes
  • 96 Intel processor cores
  • 128 GB of memory
  • 100 TB of storage

LDWA 2200

Base Level System

  • 22 nodes
  • 176 Intel processor cores
  • 264 GB of memory
  • 160 TB of storage

LDWA 4400

Mid Level System

  • 44 nodes
  • 328 Intel processor cores
  • 544 GB of memory
  • 480 TB of storage

LDWA 8800

Mid Level System

  • 88 nodes
  • 704 Intel processor cores
  • 1TB of memory
  • 1PB of storage