The Smart Phone as PC

Personal Computers are giving way to mobile devices that can be carried around and docked to expand as full workstations. But these devices while awesomely smart will have limited storage capabilities. This certainly points to the need for a central hub/server which will control all our functions and provide the large storage and search that is necessary for all of us and our data that is growing Big. That server is what My little Big Data is, and this is just the start. It provides big promises as My little Big Data finds its way into many opportunities in our everyday lives as well as other organizations.

The Role of the PC is Diminishing - What we need is a Smart Storage and Search System

The answer is My little Big Data

The PC for the most part is becoming a workstation for heavy duty tasks. Docking stations are being introduced that turn a smart phone into an intelligent full size workstation/PC. And this movement is quickly crossing all platforms:

Blue Army Knife

As you can see, this is happening everywhere. This trend will only continue to grow. Stay tuned for more information and tips as we will be posting more information regarding this trend. As this trend continues, people will be doing more and more personal functions on the smart phones. This provides a tremendous convenience; but it also creates the next problem:

Phone manufacturers are always interested in more battery weight than storage weight in their smart devices. So what is missing is a large enough storage system!

Network-based storage could be utilized as a storage alternative, but it requires you to create your own folders, name them correctly and remember them, and manage them in order to locate our contents months or years later. This is the problem that we all deal with daily on our PCs. The smart search storage provided by My little Big Data becomes the solution. Its search capability looks within all recognized textual documents such as pdfs, word documents, texts etc. to locate all matching contents. My little Big Data also supports some pretty good fuzzy searches.

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