My little Big Data and How It Came About

Scientel was started in the late 70's to develop computer solutions primarily for a variety of businesses. At that time, database management systems (DBMS) were rare, costly, and ran only on large mainframe computers. Since DBMS manage our information more efficiently by organizing it in the database, programs and queries (requests for specific information) were standardized. Management of information became very organized and simple. This concept became very popular but was slow to get to the smaller computers due to the overall cost. Scientel recognized this void and started to create DBMS for small computers. We released our products in the 1980's. In the 80's, digital content standards such as JPEG etc. were just being developed. While looking for alternative solutions, Scientel foretold the Big Data phenomenon that was yet to come. Scientel's disclosure of the big data theory did not receive much recognition beyond the then-limited internet. Scientel concluded that major companies were not looking into this dilemma. Scientel was certain that problems were on the horizon. Scientel crusaded and independently developed the industry's first polymorphic NoSQL database in the 1990's. There was no acceptance of Big Data until the 2000's, and the first occurrence was quickly recognized with the failure of databases at many well-known internet giants. These internet giants quickly recognized the problem and scrambled to develop their own NoSQL databases to handle Big Data. NoSQL was finally recognized in 2010, and Scientel became the first company to develop it.

Scientel had been developing and supplying business computer systems as their primary products. In 2010, their focus shifted towards NoSQL Database solutions as well as major solutions for Big Data. Among other primary Big Data solutions, Scientel introduced Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS). Scientel took advantage of the fact that its Gensonix NoSQL DB required much less computing power than comparable databases, and began configuring smaller versions of this product. But all along its journey, Scientel always wanted to fulfill the needs of the consumer. Up until then, all of their products had been strictly business oriented. This haunting desire drove Scientel to investigate further, and it soon realized that an enhanced version of the content management system could be configured with its Gensonix Database on the smallest footprint computer systems. The result was a version of the Big Data Content Management System which became known as My little Big Data.

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