About Content Management

While most individuals tolerate content management issues at various levels, the problem at the corporate level is very large in proportion. This necessitated enterprise-level content management solutions to be developed such as the Scientel Enterprise Content Management and Search system (ECMS). Various versions and levels of ECMS can be configured to fit the needs of small to larger companies and any size business. Most ECMS-like systems deal with large amounts of digital contents and not much business data. However a great deal of intelligence can be derived from these systems via textual analytics etc.

My little Big Data is a personal and small business version of a content management system. It can accept pretty much all of the most commonly used contents. It can also receive unrecognized contents and save them for storage and with help of Metadata it can be searched. My little Big Data allows contents up to 2 GBs in size which is a browser/platform limitation. When this limitation improves My little Big Data will also accept the Larger contents.

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