So What Exactly Is My little Big Data?

My little Big Data
The Intel NUC-based My little Big Data Server

All configurations of My little Big Data are based on Intel core-I and Xeon series multi-core processors. There are 5 models available in a mini form-factor chassis known as an Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) that measures just 4"x4"x2". They are available with 512GB storage up to 2TB storage.

Other models are available in Tower Configurations starting at 3 TB of storage and upwards. The units backs itself up automatically to an optional external backup system.

It is like having a large battery backup; it sits there and does its job. When the power goes out (and it does go out), the best battery is the one that is the most useful, and it can be pretty critical at a single crucial time of need.

The Time for My little Big Data is Now

In the information era, so much is going on. The world is getting smaller. We are constantly inundated with facts; facts of all sorts from around the world. The more information we have at our finger tips, the smarter we are and the better off we are. Just having larger storage is not enough - the intelligence and the search makes the difference. Information that we cannot access quickly does not help us at all.

As we learned earlier, data is multiplying by the day. Believe it or not, we are contributing to it too. Our smart phones and tablets are filling up fast with no good way of searching and quickly finding our content. Why is this happening? Because our usage of PC's have diminished drastically from what it was in the 90's from the days of Windows 95. Today, much of that is handled by tablets and smart phones. This causes more problems because our stuff (contents) is in many places. Many people utilize tablets to do most of their work; but since they are not ultra-portable, our phones are being utilized for more and more tasks. It may not be a surprise that the smart phone is fast becoming our de-facto PC, and

Information is the New Currency

It is often stated that information is the new currency, and knowledge makes us smarter. There are individuals who out perform others due to their capabilities and knowledge levels. Increasing knowledge level without having to study is the key, and it can be done by acquiring data and storing it in such a smart searchable way that information is at our finger tips. My little Big Data supports introductory text analytics. This is an area that we are very anxious to expand upon and we will continue the much-needed research and development. We want to make My little Big Data the hub for everyone which makes us information rich.

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