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Make "Big Data" Work For You Instead of Against You!

Scientel's Gensonix® DBMS and LDWA systems are highly-scalable solutions for processing Big Data in its Volume, Velocity, Variety, Variability, and need for Veracity.

Gensonix stores structured/unstructured data in multiple schemas including Network, Hierarchical, Relational, Column and Content formats and is ideal for business, scientific, medical, etc., environments, as well as raw data analysis applications.

Gensonix utilizes the NSQL™© language and is capable of very efficient analysis of vast amounts of structured and unstructured data at ultrahigh speeds.

Due to its unique capabilities in processing vary large structured data with ACID transaction compliancy and the ability to manage all types of unstructured contents with respect to their unique characteristics, Gensonix is considered an ALL-IN-ONE-SQL. Gensonix handles both SQL and NoSQL tasks in a single DB.

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Data is Being Generated Faster than Ever

Current technologies generate new data at a rate that was inconceivable only a few short years ago. Corporate and individual users now have to manage data that is doubling in volume every three years.

The rate of data production is staggering. We now generate more data in a single day than what was generated in all the years from the beginning of the computing era (1946) to the end of the last century (2000). What may be more alarming is that over 80% of data generated today is Unstructured Data, content created by modern technology.

This mass of data is swamping computers from individual PCs all the way to large enterprises.

Information is the New Currency

Business data has always been handled through conventional IT systems, but the daily river of general information and intelligence flows freely as unstructured, unmanaged content that isn't automated or tracked. This torrent of data arrives at higher volume, velocity, variety, and variability than we could ever imagine.

The future belongs to the smart. Knowledge makes us smarter. Today's best competitive strategy is to take control of content, before you get swamped by it.

Content Management

  • For the first time: a data management tool for all of your structured and unstructured content!
  • All of your documents and other files are stored in a safe, secure, centralized repository
  • Once you start using ECMS, you won't want to be without it!

Pull Ahead of your Competitors, Cost-Effectively!