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Norman Kutemperor to Speak at the Investment Summit 2021

"Big Data, leaving no stone unturned"

Norman Kutemperor, President & CEO at Scientel Information Technology, Inc., has been invited to be a keynote speaker and guest panelist at The Abrahamic Business Circle Investment Summit 2021, "LET MONEY TALK", on the 8th of December, 2021 at Taj Dubai.

Make "Big Data" Work For You Instead of Against You!

Scientel's Gensonix® DBMS and LDWA systems are highly-scalable solutions for processing "Big Data". Gensonix stores structured and unstructured data in multiple schemas including Network, Hierarchical, Relational, Column and Content formats. It's ideal for business, scientific or medical environments, as well as raw data analysis applications and more.

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Scientel's CEO named USA IT/Tech CEO of the Year

When Norman Kutemperor founded Scientel in 1977, he had a clear vision of the future of what would later be called "big data" and now it is finally here. Right from the outset, he and his team were working on a comprehensive database management system that could cost-effectively handle structured (business) and unstructured (content) data quickly and accurately - a system that would help businesses make split-second decisions and drive up sales and revenue.

Long before data management software began to falter in the face of the big data "tsunami" now upon us, Scientel was already working on a solution - a revolutionary idea and language from Scientel's founder, Norman Kutemperor that would give business leaders complete control of their data flow and the power it contained. He called the language NSQL©®. It was a game changer. And so, NoSQL was born.

Norman Kutemperor was able to identify this strategic need for businesses and he pushed his crusade for robust data systems at conferences and conventions the world over until he became known as “The Voice of Big Data”, which is why he is a recipient of the CEO award.

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